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We open on a wide shot of a woman, the boss, wearing professional business attire walking confidently past a set of cubicles. As she passes her worker’s cubicle, she makes a quick comment to him, and continues walking.

Boss: Hey, nice job on that report.


The worker is stunned for a moment then a satisfied smile appears on his face.


Worker: O-oh thanks!


Cut to a wide shot of the worker leaning in his chair to look for his boss.


He jumps out of his chair and begins aggressively punching the air and whisper-chanting to himself as if he’s just won a tennis match.


Worker: Yes! Oh yeah! Nailed it!


Cut to a wide shot of the worker, still excited, reaching over the cubicle to shake his coworker’s hand. 


Hesitantly, the coworker reaches up to shake the workers hand.

ENDCARD/VO: Prince. Always on.

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