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With a mother from England, and a father from Tennessee, the 4th of July is an interesting holiday in my household. My left foot is half a size smaller than my right due to my horse stepping on it in 2011, which made finding comfortable ballet slippers extremely difficult. I was a 2nd degree black belt in karate at age 11, but still watch Disney movies at 22. All you really need to know is: I am passionate about whatever creative project I can get my hands on - as long as it doesn't involve snakes. Currently Junior Art Directing at the amazing Plot Twist Creativity in Dallas, TX!

I'm an Aries, ENFJ, Enneagram 1-3 (I continue to have a three-way tie) & Hufflepuff, if that helps.



popcorn shrimp
80s music
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)


when people don't use turn signals
cats (sorry)
sushi (sorry again)
when people clap when the plane lands

 Proud of: 
my drive
my kindness
whenever I go to bed earlier than 3am

 Guilty of: 
finishing the whole tub of ice cream in one sitting
being a baby when it comes to getting a shot
saying scary movies don't scare me


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