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*Opens to interrogation room with Jack sitting arms crossed 

smirking with a detective standing across table*

Detective: “What were you doing the night of Tuesday, July 12.” 


Jack: “I was at the market.”, he pauses, “Selling my cow.” 


Detective: “Jack, you and I both know that’s not true.”




Detective:  “We’re not leaving here until 

you tell me about this beanstalk.”



    *Detective slams his hands on the table.*


Jack: “I'm not speaking until my attorney is present”


*detective turns computer around with security footage of him sprinkling Miracle Gro on the beanstalk”


*Detective hits space bar to pause video and looks over to Jack*.


Jack: “That...that’s not me. I am not speaking until my lawyer is present.” 


CGI: *giant from the fairytale’s foot steps through the ceiling with a briefcase in hand hanging by his side, is so tall 

only his knees down is in frame*



Giant: “fee-fi-fo-fum”

Cut to end card.

"It's not magic.™"

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