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*Open to an interrogation room with James looking extremely nervous and tapping his foot, with a detective standing across table*


Detective: “James, buddy, I am trying to make this easy for you.”  


*shot of James silent and nervously looking down*


Detective: “You just have to talk to me. Tell me about the peach.”


*Long pause of James still being silent*

*the detective sits down at the table*


Detective: “Maybe this will help you find the words, James.” 


*turns computer around with security footage of him sprinkling Miracle Gro on peach”


*Detective hits space bar to pause video and looks over to James*


*James looks shocked and nervous. Sticks his hands out quickly with his head down to be cuffed and starts scream crying* (admitting fault).

James: "Just take me away, it was me! It was me!"


Cut to end card.

"It's not magic.™"

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